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Psychoanalytic Training

The Dallas Psychoanalytic Center(DPC) typically accepts a new class of Psychoanalytic Candidates every 3 years. The DPC encourages inquiries and applications on an ongoing basis to help in advising potential candidates about necessary prerequisites and documentation. To provide flexibility and options in training, DPC has developed several Tracks which are described below.

Track 1.


Full Psychoanalytic Candidacy has a goal of becoming a Psychoanalyst. This track will lead to specialization in: Adult Psychoanalysis, Child/Adolescent Psychoanalysis, or both Adult and Child/Adolescent Psychoanalysis. The track of Full Candidacy requires Personal Analysis, 5 years of Coursework, and Supervised Cases. 

Track 2.


Part Time Psychoanalytic Candidacy has a goal of becoming a Psychoanalyst over a longer period of time than the minimum amount of time in the Full-Time track. Qualified Candidates in this track may take Theory and Development Classes while delaying the start of Personal Analysis and/or Supervised Cases. Approval for Clinical Classes depends on gaining experience in Personal Analysis and readiness to take on Supervised Analytic Cases. Credit toward required coursework will be given. 

Track 3.


Early Admission Candidacy has a goal of exploring psychoanalytic principles without committing to Full or Part Time Candidacy. Clinically oriented graduate students, residents, and post docs whose clinical experience is limited may choose this track, take Theory and Development Classes, perhaps begin their Personal Analysis, but hold off seeking approval to begin conducting Supervised Analyses. Credit will be given for courses taken. 

Track 4.


Psychoanalytic Studies is intended for Academics, Graduate Students, and Professionals outside Mental Health Disciplines. Those enrolled in this track will focus on Psychoanalytic Theory and Development, will participate in clinical courses, will not conduct analyses, and may or may not choose to have a Personal Analysis. 

 Note: Candidates on Tracks 1,2,and 3 should choose a Dallas Psychoanalytic Center(DPC) Personal Analyst for their personal analysis. Track 1 candidates should choose a DPC Consulting Analyst to supervise their clinical work. [List of Consulting and Personal Analysts]

The application process will assess compatibility with requirements of these Program Tracks. Students in Tracks 2-4 may apply for Track 1 if and when they accrue qualifications. In order to graduate as a clinical psychoanalyst a candidate must spend a minimum of three years as a Track 1 candidate. Please see the DPC Training Manual for more details*.

Application for Candidacy

DPC Training Manual

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